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17. I cry. I fangirl. I read too much into things and I dance while I eat. That's about it.

whenever someone says something or is doing something there’s appropriate music in my mind and I look at the person expectant and realize oh yeah it’s in my head of course you can’t sing along with me


a song of ice and fire. photos from jokulsarlon, iceland by (click pic) iurie belegurschi, christian lim and edwin martinez (more iceland posts)


you cant break them apart


you cant break them apart


at this point super junior could just put out a beyoncé and drop an entire full album with no warning or promotions whatsoever and they’d still sell like 2 fucking billions bc that’s just how wild their fanbsae is

Things fanfiction authors do





*posts chapter*

*checks page to make sure chapter hasn’t transformed into 100% typos*

*refreshes to check for reviews*

*refreshes again*

*resolves to go to bed and not check until morning*

*goes to bed, turns on phone, checks for reviews*


…awkwardly true

*discover typo five months later*



now why is platonic cuddling so frowned upon in society fuck you man if i wanna cuddle my bff i will fucking cuddle my bff youll need a fucking crowbar to pry me off you son of a bitch


if you make me laugh im already 89% in love with you